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Calling 911 will connect you with Alaska State Trooper Dispatch.  Trooper Dispatch will then transfer you to Palmer Police Dispatch   (9G Base) as they have the responsibility for emergency dispatch in the Louise/Susitna/Tyone vicinity.  Clearly state the nature of the emergency, your name, your exact location and a call back number.  You should be able to provide the GPS coordinates of your location.

Or, CALL 745-4811

Calling 748-4811 will get you directly to Palmer Police Dispatch (9G Base) and will bypass the Trooper Dispatch and the transfer.  This merely eliminates one step in reporting your emergency.


Calling 259-3488 will get you the Louise/Susitna/Tyone Volunteer Fire Department (LSTVFD).  You can also make an emergency or a mayday call on the VHF Radio Channel 11.

Other numbers you can call:

John Hicks, Chief – 907-259-4884
Mike Fassler, Deputy Chief Louise – 907-227-9235
Bob Rolley, Deputy Chief Susitna – 907-575-5758
Ken Perkins, Deputy Chief Tyone – 907-242-3911
Lake Louise Lodge – 907-822-3311 or 907-830-2410
Division of Forestry Fire Number– 907- 822-5533

Keep trying these numbers until you are certain that the message has been received and that a response is in the process.  Stay by your phone or radio in case the responders need additional information to appropriately respond to your emergency.

(If you need help determining the GPS coordinates for your property, please contact a member of the Louise/Susitna/Tyone Volunteer Fire Department for assistance)

Louise/Susitna/Tyone Volunteer Fire Department

The LSTVFD has staged a number of stocked fire boxes around the on Lake Louise and Susitna Lake for use in the case of emergencies. A map of the fire boxes is located on the home page under Links.

 Volunteers Needed 

Join Now

Anyone interested in joining the LSTVFD should contact Chief John Hicks at 907-259-4884 or at jchix47@gmail.com.  You can download a copy of the application here.  Applications are also available at the Lake Louise Lodge.

LSTCA Emergency Medical Services

Medical services in the community are provided by volunteer employees of the MatSu Borough.  They are certified by the State to provide medical help consistent with their training.  As in all rural communities in Alaska, communicating the need to get that help is a challenge.  Our main avenue of communicating a need is cellular telephones and marine band VHF radios.  The preferred method of notification is using cellular phones and dialing 911 or 745-4811.  If that fails (or in addition to), use Channel 11 on the marine band radio and broadcast your need.  

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